Why do we use personal data?

Data transmitted and data contained in Curricula Vitae are processed in order to assess the data subject's suitability for recruitment to professional roles within CRIPPA, and are stored in the event that an employment relationship is established, to facilitate evaluation of potential changes to the job duties entrusted.


What kind of personal data do we process?

The data processed are those contained in Curricula Vitae, such as the data subject's name and surname, date of birth, place of residence, gender, telephone number and e-mail address, educational qualifications and prior work experience.


Who has access to the personal data?

The data are used by the CRIPPA S.p.A. administration and management.

CRIPPA S.p.A. does not transfer, sell or exchange data subjects' personal data with third parties for marketing purposes.


What is the legal basis for personal data processing operations?

Consent by the data subject is the legal basis for the personal data processing, and the data subject accepts the associated privacy policy by sending his/her Curriculum Vitae to .


How long are the personal data kept for?

We keep the personal data for one year. If the Curriculum Vitae is submitted after the employment relationship or collaboration is established, it will be kept for the entire duration of the working relationship.