Simply Precise 

Up to six thrust and rotation tube forming operations due to the option of integrating rotating heads for cutting, threading and facing processes.

S1 model endforming machines are extremely compact and designed to meet less complex production needs that require high levels of accuracy. Several different S1 models are available: 

  • capacities of 5, 8, or 16 tons.
  • each performs up to six tube forming operations, in thrust or rotation modes.
  • different rotating heads can be installed for cutting, threading and facing processes.

Features include: 

  • unique compact ergonomics
  • easy to transport
  • designed for integration into new or pre-existing work cells, also with Profinet communication protocol
  • compact structure for easy operator access
  • extremely quick and easy ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on mechanical parts and tools
  • adjustable tube positioning system
  • part detection sensors
  • PLC systems with self-learning programming
  • easy operation
  • electronic touch screen panel
  • easy integration into Smart Factory systems


Technical Specifications
Tool Change
Max. tube diam.
Ø 1.26/2.36''
PLC Model
Siemens PLC
Deformation force
5ton / 8ton / 16ton
Max deformation length
Forming speed
Clamp force
12ton / 20ton
Clamp length
Tool change step
Tools positions
Tool change speed
Overall dimensions H/W/D