Hassle-free Loading

SMALL1R is the Reverse version of SMALL1. This machine occupies even less space that its counterpart, and unloads parts easily and at the same time

The SMALL1R is a CNC tube bending machine with a reversed layout that facilitates unloading phases.
Features include: 

  • reduced size for easy installation in cramped production lines and work cells in general
  • completely automatic work cycle for aluminum tubes up to 20mm in diameter
  • simultaneous use different tools with different radii and clamping
  • manual reconfiguration of left
  • right bending direction
  • CNC Siemens 840D sl control unit
  • 5 axes controlled by Full Electric digital motors
  • electro-pneumatic clamps
  • high quality, energy savings and minimal waste
  • extremely reduced set-up/start up times
  • efficiency guaranteed by the dynamics of the plane positioner, which limits damage in case of accidental collision of the components
  • high production speeds
  • use with a broad array of accessories for specific and unusual jobs
  • completes bends with CLR/DIA ratio lower than 0.8
  • suitable for sectors that require high production rates and repeatability.
  • 3D graphics software on a 19” LCD Touch screen.
  • intuitive operator interaction.
  • UII (User Iso Interface) to simulate and optimize bending programs
  • designed to be integrated into Smart Factory systems.



Tubes and Profiles

To each his own tube: simple and complex processes to meet every need.

Technical Specifications
Bending direction
Right or left
Max. tube diam.
Up to Ø 0.79x0.07''
CNC Model
Siemens 840D sl
Number of CNC axes
Max. bending radius
Length of tube
Bending speed
Bending resolution
Speed of Y axis
Resolution of Y axis
Overall dimensions H/W/D