A Better Point of View

SMALL2ER is the reversed version of SMALL2E: every technological  option of the Small series concentrated in a small amount of space.

A reversed version of the SMALL2E, the SMALL2ER is a Full Electric multistack and multiradius tube bending machine with integrated left and right bending directions and seven CNC axes created for aluminum tubes up to 0.79'' in diameter and 0.07'' thick. Features include: 

  • upside-down layout to simplify unloading phases.
  • reduced size for easy installation in cramped production lines and work cells in general
  • electrical arm
  • main transmission of the C axis directly under the bending plane
  • head translations with typical cross movements
  • right to left reconfiguration through pressure die axis in concert with pneumatic displacement system on two fixed positions on the clamp carriage and the slide unit
  • slide position blocking system prevents collisions during machine process phases
  • recirculating ball bearing guides.
  • high quality standard
  • excellent overall performance
  • maximum availability of parts
  • high quality, energy savings and minimal waste
  • extremely reduced set-up/start up times
  • high production speeds
  • use with a broad array of accessories for specific and unusual jobs
  • efficiency guaranteed by the dynamics of the plane positioner, which limits damage in case of accidental collision of the components
  • completes bends with CLR/DIA ratio lower than 0.8
  • suitable for sectors that require high production rates and repeatability
  • 3D graphics software on a 19” LCD touch screen UII “User ISO Interface”
  • intuitive HMI for easy programming, simulation and optimization of tube bending programs
  • designed to be integrated into Smart Factory systems


Tubes and Profiles

To each his own tube: simple and complex processes to meet every need.

Technical Specifications
Bending direction
Right and left
Max. tube diam.
Up to Ø0.79x0.07''
CNC Model
Siemens 840D sl
Number of CNC axes
Max. bending radius
Length of tube
Bending speed
Bending resolution
Speed of Y axis
Resolution of Y axis
Overall dimensions H/W/D