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Sustainability Policy

Recipients and scope

This Sustainability Policy defines the principles and values on which the Crippa S.p.A. (hereafter “Crippa” or the “Company”) sustainability strategy is based and which guide the decision-making process on environmental, social and governance issues.

The Policy’s principles apply to the Crippa S.p.A. Directors, employees and partners, its supply chain and those operating on the Company’s behalf, regardless of the type or duration of their relationship.

The contents of this Policy consider the management and Crippa’s main internal and external stakeholders’ expectations. These include employees, customers, the local community, suppliers, shareholders, trade unions, universities, local authorities and public administration.


Mission and values

Our values are based on offering an integrated and innovative service that responds to the ever-changing market demands.

The ability to provide quality, productivity and innovation by establishing synergies with customers remains at the heart of the Company’s strategy and is the main factor that distinguishes Crippa. This is combined with a global presence based on the work of our worldwide partners.

Our customer-centred strategy is achieved by integrating technologies and transversal skills to produce highly innovative, energy-saving, and customised solutions, production efficiency and the user-friendly use of machine software.


Founding principles

Crippa’s commitment is based on five principles, which aim to ensure sustainable development, and respect for natural ecosystems, human rights, and the needs of future generations. These founding principles guide our stakeholder engagement activities and the sustainability initiatives we promote:

  • Product quality and innovation;
  • A focus on people;
  • Responsibility of the supply chain;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Business integrity.


Product quality and innovation

Quality and innovation are integral to our DNA and drive our corporate strategy. Our quality guidelines are closely linked to the ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System.

We constantly focus on identifying and removing inefficiencies, particularly during the assembly and testing of machines. Meeting delivery times, using technologies with reduced energy consumption, mechanical and electrical solutions with a lower environmental impact and the quantitative reduction of the testing materials used are further key objectives for Crippa.

For more than 70 years, absolute customer satisfaction has been the focus of our business strategy. This includes efficient and safe operation of our machines and our pre-and after-sales service.


This commitment is implemented using tools to monitor customer product and service quality perceptions.

Along with quality, we see research, development and innovation as two additional tools of our business. Since its establishment, Crippa has been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions in the field of tube bending machines.

Since the introduction of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) for fully electric machines, we have been looking to the future and different realities to take advantage of new ideas and challenges.


A focus on people

The Company’s activities have always been centred on its human capital. Our people represent the values and excellence that the Company practices during its operations.

Our people focus is based on respect for workers’ rights, as we see them as people rather than just a resource.

Attitudes that fail to respect equal opportunities, diversity and freedom of thought are not tolerated, and every effort is made to ensure that our employees and partners are free to express their own personal values.

We prioritise creating a safe, healthy and stimulating working environment for those who work with us.

With this in mind, we are committed to complying with the applicable regulations and have defined procedures that apply to workers operating within the company and with third parties.

We pay close attention to the safety of our machines’ end users. Physical safeguards, software solutions and additional customer services, such as training courses, ensure the maximum safety of those working daily with our products.

Aware of the key role played by the development and internalisation of specialised skills in our industry, we periodically allocate resources to the development of customised training plans and to attract talent.

We constantly strive to provide Crippa employees with tools to enhance their work experience, both professionally and personally. We invest significant resources in the provision of measures aimed to protect the wellbeing of employees. These include insurance and welfare services that can be customised based on individual needs.


Supply chain responsibility

The unique nature of our work requires the development of lasting supply chain relationships based on compliance with stringent product requirements and timely deliveries.

Aware of the role played by our suppliers, we promote the involvement of our leading commercial counterparts to periodically verify compliance with the quality regulations, financial soundness and price requirements that form the basis of our business. These requirements are applied to suppliers and their subcontractors.

We focus on searching for suppliers in our local area, especially regarding the provision of services requiring special know-how, guaranteed by companies located close to us and with whom we can interact on an ongoing basis.


Environmental protection

We are committed to environmental protection, considering the life cycle of our products and processes.

We pay attention to our customers’ needs in terms of reducing the environmental impact of their production activities. We develop and implement low environmental impact solutions while maintaining the efficiency and reliability of our machines.

This Policy is implemented at all production stages, starting with product design. Most of the machines we produce are fully electric to minimise their environmental impact through CO2 emissions and enable our customers to use renewable sources of electricity to power their machines.

Our focus is on reducing the impact of our operations on the environment. Specifically, we develop procedures and strategies to reduce the environmental impact of machine testing and painting. We are committed to minimising the emissions, water consumption and waste resulting from these activities.

We see the efficient use of packaging materials as a key tool for globally reducing our environmental impact. We are committed to identifying sustainable packaging solutions by both using recyclable or reusable materials and reducing the quantities of material used where possible.


Business integrity

We conduct our business in full compliance with the applicable regulations and operate according to our values of diligence, fairness and loyalty.

Through controls such as the Code of Ethics and Supervisory Body, Crippa S.p.A. formalises and implements activities to prevent offences or unethical behaviour in the workplace and in its relations with third parties.

Respect for the company's values and the applicable regulations is ensured by defining a system of sanctions which envisages consequences proportionate to the proven violation.



The contents of this Policy are based on the guidelines and principles established by the ISO 9001:2015 standard, GRI Standards for non-financial reporting and the safeguards defined within the Organisation, Management and Control System under Legislative Decree 231/01.

These internationally recognised frameworks are the basis for Crippa’s strategy and commitment to sustainable development.


Implementation, communication and enforcement

This Sustainability Policy is shared with all Crippa’s employees and internal partners by appointing internal departments responsible for its dissemination. The Policy is brought to the attention of commercial counterparts during the contractual stage. Sharing the document with Crippa’s other stakeholders is guaranteed through its publication on the Company’s website.

Any violations of this policy may be reported by Crippa's internal staff through the Supervisory Body communication channel under Legislative Decree 231/01.


Periodical review

Following the identification of further significant aspects or based on future instructions, this Policy is submitted to a periodic company management review and is updated with a resolution passed by the Crippa S.p.A. Board of Directors.

The recipients shall be notified of any amendments or integrations to this Policy.