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TUBE 2022


There is little less than a month before the start of the Tube fair and Crippa and SMI, with their stand of more than 1000 sq. m, are ready to present the widest range of products for metal tube processing on the market.

Here is a preview of some of the innovations presented at the fair:



This new multistack and multiradius tube bending machine by Crippa is able to bend up to three 114-mm stacks and even run thrust bending in cycles, thanks to the additional 50-kN booster device.

 New 980LE 

More reliable and with even higher performance due to the direct transmission with pneumatic balancing for bending tubes up to 80 mm in diameter. The high vertical excursion makes it easy to interface with pre-existing tools.



Crippa’s multistack, multiradius, fully electric, numerical controlled tube bending machine for steel tubes up to 25 mm in diameter based on the patented concept of tilting the head to the side. Bending right and left with a single head, it is able to integrate loading and unloading into the cycle, notably decreasing production times.

 New Basic 42.1 

Crippa’s simple, low-cost tube bending machine for tubes up to 42 mm in diameter, which, with its single-stack configuration, can be quickly reconfigured to bend different radii, ensuring reduced set-up times and extremely quick production changes without the need for adjustments.


This tube bending machine for tubes up to 42 mm in diameter combines traditional cross movements of the head with a rotating movement that gives it a unique versatility and flexibility. 


This smart, compact solution by Crippa for HVACR allows shaped and bent tubes to be created with a mandrel starting from a roll.

 An automated Work cell 

that includes a 942XE combined with a FANUC M-20iA – 20M – 1.81 with a 20-kg payload and a 1811-mm arm that loads and unloads the tube in cycle.


A flexible end forming machine that integrates Crippa’s patented hydroforming unit with traditional deformation.   


The innovative solution for hot bending of plastic tubes.  

 MTP28+ PNP28CA 

SMI’s orbital tube cutter dedicated to processing tubes with a large diameter and thickness fed directly from coil, complete with a PNP28 CA unit for bending tubes up to  28 mm in diameter in an automatic cycle.


The in-line endforming machine for deforming tubes with a large diameter and thickness, integrated with the MTP28 cutting line for a compact, automatic, and complete solution. 



Our software area dedicated to all Crippa applications custom designed for your production needs and for I4.0.




These and many other innovations await you at TUBE in Düsseldorf from 20 to 24 June, in HALL 5, Stand A33-B32-C32-C20.
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