UII Bend

Fast, intuitive, performing.

Programme your tube bending machine and optimise its functionality through an easy-to-use graphical interface.

UIIBend is the software that helps you programme your tube bending machine quickly and intuitively, optimising its functionality.

The attractive graphical interface simplifies the operator's task with an interactive mega-help.


  • Serves as the CAD/CAM of CURVATUBES for the automatic creation of part programmes
  • Allows graphical, guided and facilitated programming of the entire bending cycle
  • Imports and exports tube geometric data
  • Draws on its internal database for spring back management
  • Can manage both round tubes and profiles
  • Thanks to the dedicated module, it allows the automatic creation of fixtures
  • Lets you import the 3D CAD of individual fixtures
  • Simulates the bending cycle in 3D, checking cycle times and possible collisions
  • Allows the bending cycle to be modified in the simulation environment via a simplified graphic interface without the need to know any programming language
  • Features an intuitive graphic HELP for each command