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Each component that goes into an aircraft must comply with the highest safety and quality standards, and rigorous testing is crucial for ensuring safety. Precise engineering goes into aircraft design and this is why tubular aircraft parts must be shaped to fit the design exactly. Tubes used in aircraft cannot be damaged in any way, because marks or wrinkles can cause cracks and breakage, which would endanger the lives of passengers and crew. For this reason, dependable lightweight materials like aluminum, titanium, and Inconel are used in reduced thickness conformations. Production for these materials are relatively high, and they require precise processes that reduce waste and error to a minimum. Crippa has been working with the main producers of civil aircraft for more than 50 years to make extremely rigid and dependable tube bending machines that make excellent quality bends at the first try. Crippa is an expert in other areas, as well. We also serve the aerospace sector by making work cells with integrated loading and unloading systems; control, marking and shaping systems; and customized processes tailored to each client’s needs.