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A single production partner to satisfy your requirements in the car manufacturing sector.

The car making industry uses a huge variety of metal tubing to make all of the main systems in each vehicle. 
Fuel lines, steering systems, brakes, hydraulic systems, air conditioning, motor and exhaust systems - just to start with - are all made with tubes in various materials, thicknesses and diameters, in addition to hybrid and extra-long tubes with rubber connectors.
Crippa has designed and perfected integrated systems to guarantee the highest process output and reliability when making these parts.
Loading, unloading, curving, shaping, punching, in-cycle part checking, marking, washing and cutting are only a few of the possibilities that can be integrated into a single machine or work cell, which can also handle high production lots with and very low tolerances.
This is why major car manufacturers trust Crippa to make turnkey automated solutions.