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Crippa has produced and developed countless customized solutions for businesses over the last 70 years.

Tube bending and endforming processes consist of several steps that more and more often demand the integration of complex and multi-disciplinary technologies and skills. Since making tailored systems is a fundamental issue for Crippa, our research and development process involves 40% of their technical personnel working with managing orders full time. They assist clients in deciding which integrations they want, and then apply the best technology available to building highly customized systems. In addition to tube bending and endforming machines, they integrate robots; drilling, cutting and shearing benches; optical measurement and viewing systems, loading and unloading systems, and automated handling systems built specifically for each product. Crippa knows to develop special machines for sector-specific processes, and they can build transfer systems to accommodate high production volumes and guarantee the best cycle times with the highest reliability and repeatability. Offering all of their clients a unique product is the objective. Crippa aims to build and tailor each product to the client's needs, like fitting a bespoke suit.

Full Electric Technology

Precision, reliability and flexibility

The Full Electric technology that we use in our tube bending machines simplifies production and improves machine performance, guaranteeing extremely rapid set-up and start-up times without mechanical adjustments, and maximum precision and repeatability of processes. The absence of hydraulic parts reduces maintenance times and wear on components, guaranteeing maximum reliability also in the long term.

Power and energy savings

Our Full Electric tube bending machines are silent and ecological due to the use the Green Power philosophy. They combine growing performance with considerable energy savings, which can reach 50% when compared to oil hydraulic machines of similar sizes.

The fast, intuitive professional tool.

Programming has never been easier.

We allow you to program your tube bending machine quickly and intuitively, and optimise functions like never before. The UII software allows you to harness the power of a new system for calculating trajectories, with an attractive graphical interface that simplifies the operator’s work through an extensive interactive help section. The UII can be combined with the software 3DtoUII, which optimises and accelerates work times by extrapolating the coordinates of a tube starting from a 3D file.

Industry 4.0

Among the proposals that Crippa has dedicated to Industry 4.0, we find BRAINBOX: the system created by our R&D department to collect the data from the machines into a single device, to allow you to have an overall picture of the numerous parameters of strategic importance. In fact, BRAINBOX allows operators to monitor in real time, and at any moment through computer, tablet or smartphone, the efficiency of the machines during production. The program produces tables, graphs or video connections.

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